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What Tyres Shall I Go For

I'm sure your thinking, all tyres are the same, black and round? And why should you pay more? Well please see below a brief overview which might help you choose.

You can not put a price on the safety of you and the people in your vehicle and with the tyres being the only part of car keeping you on the road you need the best you can. 

Budget Tyres - They will be cheapest tyres you can find but thats the only positive there is. They may seem a great deal at the time but the longevity may not be as good as the Mid Range Tyres or the Premium Tyres and may find yourself changing them again before you expect to. They are not built up of the same compounds and don't have the research and development like more expensive tyres so braking distance may be increased and the grip may not be as good as others. If you do very few miles in your vehicle and only potter around town and your vehicle is over 10 years old then budget tyres might benefit you if you want a cheap alternative.

Mid Range Tyres - They are the best value for money if you didn't want to pay for the premium tyres. They have the research and develpoment as well as the testing of the premium manufactuers but they have a little help from the Budget Tyre price. If your vehicle is between 4 and 10 years people lean towards Mid Range Tyres as they still get an excellent tyre and for the price they are seen as the best option. We are a General Dealer and as well as being an brilliant tyre we have an extensive range so we should be able to supply one in your size.

Premium Tyres - These are the all the top makes everyone has heard of, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgstone etc etc. These are seen as the very best tyres on the market and are said last longer, be more fuel efficient, and safer on the roads. This is not to say our Mid Range Tyres aren't the best but for the extra money and having a listing as premium they should be stand out performers. Anyone with a vehicle up to 4 years should have premium tyres put back on as that's normally what the vehicle leaves the showroom with in the first place and will keep the vehicle in the same condition. 

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